EC Update and Ikea Potty Review

Baby D truly likes his independant-use potty! We were having a lot of misses before we got it. It seems that he no longer liked the infant potty bowl. He wanted to sit by himself, not to be held by Mommy. He sits on his potty when he wakes up in the morning, after naps, and at each diaper change. We usually catch something! I feel like the early association of eliminating in his potty bowl helped tremendously in transitioning to the “big boy” potty. There has been no upset or protest from Baby D. It seems quite natural for him. We got his potty from Ikea for $5.00. I do not foresee us needing a more expensive one. The Ikea potty is sturdy, easy for him to sit on unaided, and it keeps everything contained. The design is suitable for both boys and girls.  Simplicity and functionality of design trump the bells and whistles some potties  have. I am so glad we are back to catching more than we miss!


Baby D and the Big Boy Potty

Do you mind, mom? Can’t a baby get some privacy? I havn’t even put away my toys! The room is a mess! Why do you insist upon embarrassing me?



EC Update

It has been quite a while since I posted about our continuing experiences with elimination communication. We had a remarkable run of success with several months where we only had one or two soiled diapers per week. Now we are having soiled diapers every day, and catching one or two bowel movements per week. We are not disheartened, but just changing our routine. Now that Baby D is mobile and crawling around to explore his surroundings, his signs are not as clearly noticeable. Whereas in the past I could tell pretty reliably when he needed the potty, now my first indication is usually a certain odor emanating from his diaper. He is just too busy to stop for the potty! This is a common experience among those who practice EC, and does not indicate a failure of the method. We just have to stay one step ahead of the little explorer and begin offering the potty based on timing rather than signals from the baby. I know that Baby D usually needs the potty in the morning just after he eats, and so I will offer the potty then. Sometimes we catch it and sometimes we don’t. At this stage my goal is to continue the association of moving the bowels and sitting on the potty. As long a s Baby D continues to make this connection the transition to independent toileting should be much smoother than if we relied totally on diapers. The most important thing for us will be consistency on my part in offering the potty at the right time. Sometimes I need to overcome LMS– Lazy Mom Syndrome!

The increased frequency of soiled diapers has given us more opportunity to sing the “You’ve Got Something in Your Diaper” song, which makes Baby D smile. These are the words, to the tune of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”:

You’ve got something in your diaper,

You’ve got something in your diaper,

You’ve got something in your diaper,

And it doesn’t smell so good!

Life is Good

It has been a busy time. Baby D is growing and changing every day, and trying out new skills. He is trying hard to roll from his tummy to his back. He pushes himself up almost to the “tipping point”, but is not quite there yet. He tries and tries to crawl, and he can move forward a bit, and move himself around in a circle, but has not got his knees under himself enough to take off. He is enjoying making “raspberry” sounds and blowing bubbles, and looks right at us and makes sounds that truly appear to be attempts at speech. It frustrates him when we don’t understand. In about four weeks of elimination communication we have had four misses– not bad at all. We show him words every day, and rotate a new word into each set every couple of days. Doman suggests adding a new word and removing an old word from each set daily, but we don’t get to each set three times a day– more like twice, or once on some days. So I let him see each set at least three times before changing any words. He enjoys seeing the words. I say to him “Mommy has some words to show you. Would you like to see the words?”. He usually smiles, and when I show the words he focuses on them and smiles. All in all life is good, and Baby D continues to grow and develop.

Elimination Communication Update

We have been actively practicing elimination communication for two weeks. It has been easier and more successful than I hoped. In two weeks we have had a total of two soiled diapers– one that we missed while at home, one that happened while we were out and did not have the potty. We still have wet diapers because we are not actively trying to catch urine. Baby D sits calmly on his potty when he needs it, and fusses if I put him on when he does not need it. this is an aspect of the communication that I did not anticipate, but I am pleased that he can communicate so clearly what he needs and doesn’t need. As soon as he is able to sit unsupported we will use a potty chair instead of the potty bowl. In my opinion EC is totally do-able and perhaps the best parenting decision we have made. If you are considering EC but feeling apprehensive, my advice would be try it– it is easier than it looks.

Baby D in a serious mood wearing a hat his father wore as a baby.

Third Day Without a Soiled Diaper

Today is our third day practicing elimination communication. We focus on catching bowel movements, and count any caught urine as a bonus. We have caught every bowel movement for three days! We keep the potty bowl with us, and when baby D appears to be on the verge of eliminating we open up his diaper and hold him over the potty bowl. While he is having a bowel movement I make a “shh-shh-shh” sound that, if all goes according to plan, he will eventually associate with the act of eliminating. I also tell him what he is doing. “You are having a bowel movement”, or “You are urinating”. I don’t have any illusions that there will never be another soiled diaper, but three days without one at two months old, having only just begun to practice EC, makes me very hopeful for success. I think using cloth diapers adds an extra incentive to catch the bowel movements. Our FuzziBunz wash up beautifully and there has never been any problem with staining, but it is easier to wipe out and disinfect the potty bowl than to wash soiled diapers. I still wash diapers every day, but just wet, no mess. I was nervous about being able to do EC, but these first few days have made me excited about continuing!

First Diaper Free Time!

We had our first diaper free time today. For a little while this morning baby D was on a blanket with a waterproof pad, adorable little bummie taking the air. He seemed pleasantly surprised– at first a little upset, then vocally happy. He did not eliminate during this time, but I did hold him over the potty bowl. He doesn’t mind the potty bowl, which surprises me. We are definitely taking ‘baby steps’ in elimination communication, but so far, so good.

First Steps in Elimination Communication

I began, gently, to use elimination communication with baby D today. My original intention was to begin from birth, but plans changed and we are just beginning now. We were able to catch a bowel movement, which feels like a big accomplishment. I held him once over his infant potty bowl, and once over the toilet. Both times he had a perplexed expression, as if he were wondering what in the world was being done to him. My plan from here is to offer the potty or toilet at predictable times– upon waking, after eating, and during diaper changes. I will also offer it if he appears on the verge or in the process of eliminating. We will have some daily diaper free time with the aid of waterproof pads. I will give periodic updates on progress.

The Infant Potty Bowl Is Here

Today the infant potty bowl arrived in the mail. It is not fancy, just a plastic bowl with a wide, smooth rim to accommodate a tiny bum.

I am excited about beginning elimination communication with my child from birth. After reading about how common it is for infants to eliminate while nursing, I felt a little nervous about getting a good nursing position while holding the baby comfortably over the bowl. Some moms lay a pre-fold under the baby while nursing rather than using a container. I might try that as well, but I was glad to find a photo on this bog of a mom nursing while holding a bowl under her son. After clicking the link scroll down the page to see the photo. Of all of the parenting choices we are making, EC is the one I am most nervous about. Will it work? Is it worth it? After reading a couple of books and numerous blogs on the topic, the answer to both questions appears to be ‘yes’. I just haven’t flexed my momma muscles yet and feel a little insecure. Anyone who has used EC, especially with a newborn, do you have any advice? Help a new mom out!

A Mom of Three EC’d Children Speaks

Have you ever wondered how a busy family incorporates elimination communication into daily life? Here is a link to a video of an interview with Maggie Howell, a mom of three. She used elimination communication with her oldest from four months old and with her younger two from birth. Please check it out! This is also a good link to send skeptical family and friends to for explanation.

Maggie Howell on EC