Hello Everyone

Won’t you please share that coffee with me, Mommy?






I like the snow better this year.


Do you like my green sled?



Baby D has been enjoying life, and he hopes you have been, too!



Updated Photos of Baby D

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything. Baby D is practically grown up.

Baby D is now responsible for retrieving his own milk.

He also has given up the potty for the privy.


He even keeps his own garden.


Even practically grown-up babies need a bath!


Busy Busy Boy


Good morning, blue eyes!


Where are you off to?


No time to talk, mom.


I have to see a man about a horse.

 Baby D wishes everyone a lovely day!


Changes Small and Large

The Experimental Mom blog has a new look. It has changed because Experimental Mom herself has changed. Baby D’s younger sibling died in utero and was miscarried on January 4th. For thirteen weeks this child grew and developed in my womb. The last developmental update I read while the child lived said that the child’s unique fingerprints had developed. We were looking forward to finding out the sex of the child in February and making the happy announcement then. Instead, as has happened in the lives of so many parents, life irrevocably changed in a few agonizing hours. Those who know me will see a cheerful person, and perhaps think to themselves “she is handling everything quite well”. But like so many others who have experienced miscarriage, I grieve quietly.

We experienced a truly wonderful show of support from family and friends. We buried the baby on Saturday January 7th. Thankfully more and more parents now have this option. The cemetery gave us a plot, the funeral home handled everything gratis, and almost two dozen people attended the funeral. I realize that this is not the norm, and am more grateful than I can express. Because we did not have the opportunity to find out whether our child was a boy or a girl, we could not use one of the names we had picked out. So we chose Caritas, because love surrounded the child for the short time we were together.

I invite anyone who has been through a miscarriage to share their experiences here, without fear of judgment or downplay of the real, permanent impact it has on parents who will never hold their babies.

In Memoriam Baby Caritas. Always Loved.

Baby D Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Outfit Courtesy of Grandma J


Baby D as Baby Jesus in a Christmas Pageant


Does Santa need a helper?


Pajamas courtesy of Grandma L.

 Baby D hopes your Christmas is filled with love and laughter!

What Is this “Santa”?

Today Baby D met Santa for the first time. He did not cry, but did appear to wonder what this strange looking person was all about. Perhaps he was thinking “I’ve heard the song. You see me when I’m sleeping? You know when I’m awake? I’ve got my eye on you, Santa”. He also got to see Cousin S, who was portraying the Ice Princess at the north pole display. She looked lovely in her gown!

Drinking From a Glass is Hilarious

Baby D now sips water from a small glass while I hold it for him. He really enjoys drinking from a glass. The process goes something like this:

1. Sip

2. Belly Laugh

3. Reach for Glass

4. Repeat Process

The laugh is priceless– such joy at discovering something new. I never realized drinking water could be so funny! This is also a Montessori concept. In Montessori babies drink from a small glass that at first is held by the parent and eventually can be used independently by the child. “Sippy” cups are discouraged since they can be carried around and knocked over with no spills. The idea is that by trusting the child with a real drinking glass the child learns to use it carefully and develops in self respect.

Baby D, Investment Advisor

I suggest putting all your assets in apples, peas, and milk.


Those office parties...


A full day of work sure makes a guy tired!

Gobble Gobble! Baby Butterball Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving



This is the costume Baby D wore to cheer on Daddy, Auntie K, Uncle G, and 16,000 other runners in a Thanksgiving Day Road Race today. Forget the stuffing and potatoes, serve this adorable turkey with hugs and kisses! Happy Thanksgiving!


Corrected Post: Three Months Old


I posted a series of photos with captions in an earlier post, and it published as one photo with many captions. Here is what I intended:

Baby D is three months old today! To celebrate, here are photos of a few of his favorite activities:

 Hanging out with his buddy Curious George. Courtesy of Auntie K.


Reading stories with George. 

Taking a bath.
 Wearing interesting hats.
Keeping it cool.
Napping with Grandpa.
Happy three month birthday, love. Keep growing!