Belly Binder and Hip Slimmer Review

Well, I used both the Tauts abdominal binder and the Hip Slimmer post pregnancy. I found both to be beneficial. Abdominal binding provided noticeable support to my midsection that was very comfortable. The compression left me with a belly that looks the same as it did before pregnancy– no jiggles that were not pre-existing. The hip slimmer was beneficial also, although it took more planning to wear than the abdominal binder did. The hip slimmer only needs to be worn for three hours per day, but bending and sitting are somewhat difficult (though not impossible). I usually wore it over yoga pants after working out, and planned to stand for most of that time as a further means of exercise. Each time I wore the hip slimmer I could lace it a little tighter. The material is quite sturdy and does not stretch, so it is a good feeling to know that the hips are getting smaller. I was wearing pre-pregnancy clothes three weeks after delivery, and I think that the abdominal binder and the Hip Slimmer helped to accelerate the results of my exercise plan. I would use both again.


The Hip Slimmer

The Hip Slimmer has arrived! I am looking forward to trying it. Baby just has to get here first.

I like the lacing protector on the inside. Although the packaging shows a woman wearing it while out and about, I think I’ll just wear it in the house. The recommendation is to wear it for a few hours a day– no need to keep it on all the time.