Maria Montessori Would Not Approve

The ideal Montessori environment: uncluttered, beautiful, scaled to child size, simple. Something like this. I looked around baby D’s nursery today and realized that I have turned it into something quite different. I will spare the gentle reader from a photo, but suffice it to say that baby D’s nursery is cluttered and scaled to accommodate my needs, not his. I guess my next project is returning to my Montessori ideals and bringing order, simplicity, and beauty to his environment. I am an experimental mom, and this experiment took a wrong turn– but it is salvageable.

He is sleeping mostly in his Pack n’ Play. I still thoroughly believe in the concept of the floor bed, and he has slept on his floor bed sometimes. I just don’t feel comfortable with the floor level environment in his room. That is my fault. I have not maintained a child-safe floor level environment. So, momma, get it together! Montessori would not approve.