EC Update and Ikea Potty Review

Baby D truly likes his independant-use potty! We were having a lot of misses before we got it. It seems that he no longer liked the infant potty bowl. He wanted to sit by himself, not to be held by Mommy. He sits on his potty when he wakes up in the morning, after naps, and at each diaper change. We usually catch something! I feel like the early association of eliminating in his potty bowl helped tremendously in transitioning to the “big boy” potty. There has been no upset or protest from Baby D. It seems quite natural for him. We got his potty from Ikea for $5.00. I do not foresee us needing a more expensive one. The Ikea potty is sturdy, easy for him to sit on unaided, and it keeps everything contained. The design is suitable for both boys and girls.  Simplicity and functionality of design trump the bells and whistles some potties  have. I am so glad we are back to catching more than we miss!

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  1. I don’t know about you but I find singing, tweeting, bleeping, lighting “toy” potties exceedingly weird and…well…more than a little Eww. To me it is like putting twinkle lights on an adult toilet tank and attaching a CD player to the handle so when you flush it plays a song and spits out your favorite dessert. O.o

  2. Mom4ever

     /  February 3, 2012

    Oh my! Amusing and troubling at the same time. I am behind in the potty times… I just searched them… a potty being anything more than it is seems wrong on so many levels… Would the child refuse to go if they were at a regular non-“flashy” potty? Would the child Automatically go no matter where they were if they heard “that potty song”? And more questions… Sorry, no apple pie popping out of the tank if you go at my house!


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