Drinking From a Glass is Hilarious

Baby D now sips water from a small glass while I hold it for him. He really enjoys drinking from a glass. The process goes something like this:

1. Sip

2. Belly Laugh

3. Reach for Glass

4. Repeat Process

The laugh is priceless– such joy at discovering something new. I never realized drinking water could be so funny! This is also a Montessori concept. In Montessori babies drink from a small glass that at first is held by the parent and eventually can be used independently by the child. “Sippy” cups are discouraged since they can be carried around and knocked over with no spills. The idea is that by trusting the child with a real drinking glass the child learns to use it carefully and develops in self respect.

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  1. Mom4ever

     /  December 16, 2011

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    Belly Laugh
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    Belly Laugh Some More
    (How utterly awsome of him!, seems far more interesting for him than the potty at the moment.. heard I went back into diapers when my little brother came along..)

    Little man baby pictures: Priceless


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