EC Update

It has been quite a while since I posted about our continuing experiences with elimination communication. We had a remarkable run of success with several months where we only had one or two soiled diapers per week. Now we are having soiled diapers every day, and catching one or two bowel movements per week. We are not disheartened, but just changing our routine. Now that Baby D is mobile and crawling around to explore his surroundings, his signs are not as clearly noticeable. Whereas in the past I could tell pretty reliably when he needed the potty, now my first indication is usually a certain odor emanating from his diaper. He is just too busy to stop for the potty! This is a common experience among those who practice EC, and does not indicate a failure of the method. We just have to stay one step ahead of the little explorer and begin offering the potty based on timing rather than signals from the baby. I know that Baby D usually needs the potty in the morning just after he eats, and so I will offer the potty then. Sometimes we catch it and sometimes we don’t. At this stage my goal is to continue the association of moving the bowels and sitting on the potty. As long a s Baby D continues to make this connection the transition to independent toileting should be much smoother than if we relied totally on diapers. The most important thing for us will be consistency on my part in offering the potty at the right time. Sometimes I need to overcome LMS– Lazy Mom Syndrome!

The increased frequency of soiled diapers has given us more opportunity to sing the “You’ve Got Something in Your Diaper” song, which makes Baby D smile. These are the words, to the tune of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”:

You’ve got something in your diaper,

You’ve got something in your diaper,

You’ve got something in your diaper,

And it doesn’t smell so good!

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  1. We always found with our children whenever they were about to learn a new skill/perfect a new skill they were constantly going in their dipes instead of the potty. Then once they have it down, back to the potty they go. So interesting!


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