What Baby D Has Been Doing Lately

Baby D continues to grow, and he seems to do something new eery day. We have not been doing words as consistently as we were, but we will get back to that soon. He still uses the potty regularly. He is about ready to graduate from the infant potty bowl to one that he can sit on by himself. We read every day, and he tries to eat the books every day. Thankfully he has not succeeded in making a meal of his reading material yet. Here is a look back at the past few weeks in the life of Baby D:



My first Pumpkin! I'm not impressed.



I can get the toys out of the basket by myself.



Sitting in boxes is fun.



My first snow! I'm not sure about this...



Nope, I don't like this.



Help me.



This, at least, is better than the sled.



My first Halloween! A loveable lion. Roar!

Stay tuned for photos from Auntie K’s wedding, where Baby D will wear a tiny tuxedo. Watch out ladies, here he comes!




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  1. Mom4ever

     /  November 17, 2011

    Can’t get enough of this guy!


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