Newest Words and EC Update

The vocabulary of reading words for Baby D continues to grow. I just made more word cards. The categories are areas in the home, things that belong to Baby D, and the present participle of familiar verbs. Doman says never to show the same words over and over because young children learn quickly and become bored if they are continually shown the same things. He is quite right– I haven’t made new words in a while and Baby D’s excitement had visibly diminished. He is excited agin at the new words! Here are some examples from each category:

Home Words


Possession Words


Familiar Actions


We also are continuing to speak and read to Baby D in several languages. Our latest trip to the library yielded two fun books– a book of French children’s songs that also provides music notation so I can play the melodies for him on the piano, and a book of Chinese and English nursery rhymes that has a cd of the rhymes being sung. He enjoys listening to them. We have found, though, that while he likes to hear the piano played, letting him touch the keys to make sound produces terror.

We continue to practice EC successfully. He now has a noticeable association between his potty and eliminations. He will fuss and look uncomfortable until we put him on his potty, and then he will relax and do what he needs to do. It is amazing to witness at such a young age! We haven’t missed a bowel movement since the last update.

Just because, here are a couple of photos of the little man:

Looking in a mirror during tummy time.


Interacting with Uncle G and Auntie K.


Corrected Post: Three Months Old


I posted a series of photos with captions in an earlier post, and it published as one photo with many captions. Here is what I intended:

Baby D is three months old today! To celebrate, here are photos of a few of his favorite activities:

 Hanging out with his buddy Curious George. Courtesy of Auntie K.


Reading stories with George. 

Taking a bath.
 Wearing interesting hats.
Keeping it cool.
Napping with Grandpa.
Happy three month birthday, love. Keep growing!

All Day Without Baby D

Yesterday my husband and I went to Old Sturbridge Village for the day. Baby D stayed with his grandparents and his Auntie. He had a good time, we had a good time… but I was relieved to see him at the end of the day. Old Sturbridge Village is a re-creation of an 1830’s New England town. There are period buildings that have been relocated from various locations around New England, and costumed interpreters portraying life as it was lived in that period. There is also a working farm, and many animals. This past weekend was domestic textile weekend, and there were demonstrations of spinning, weaving, knitting, rug making, and knot work. We heard music on the 1820’s pipe organ, met a seven week old calf, visited with interpreters cooking salt pork, apple pie, and vegetables on the hearth, and learned about cider orchards. We  also attended a gallery talk about women’s domestic textile work. The examples of woven coverlets, tablecloths, “serviettes” (napkins), and garments were gorgeous. We were surprised to learn that home spun yarn from this period was as fine and even as the factory made yarn of today. The idea of “homespun” being rustic, chunky, and uneven is a modern concept. The women who produced textiles at this period were masters of their craft. Textile factories at first had to convince the public that their goods were of as good a quality as home made. Factory goods eventually became more prevalent and replaced home made, of course.

All of that was fun but… it was even better to get back to Baby D. I called a couple of times to ask how he was. My husband told me he was sure the baby was safe with his grandparents. I tried to explain that I was not concerned about his safety, just feeling anxious about not being with him. It must be a mom thing.  At any rate, Baby D had a good day with his grandparents, and we had a good day at Sturbridge– but I think it will be a little while before we spend so much time apart again.

Here are some photos from the village. I did not take them, they are from the village’s website. I was so concerned about packing for Baby D I forgot our camera.




Life is Good

It has been a busy time. Baby D is growing and changing every day, and trying out new skills. He is trying hard to roll from his tummy to his back. He pushes himself up almost to the “tipping point”, but is not quite there yet. He tries and tries to crawl, and he can move forward a bit, and move himself around in a circle, but has not got his knees under himself enough to take off. He is enjoying making “raspberry” sounds and blowing bubbles, and looks right at us and makes sounds that truly appear to be attempts at speech. It frustrates him when we don’t understand. In about four weeks of elimination communication we have had four misses– not bad at all. We show him words every day, and rotate a new word into each set every couple of days. Doman suggests adding a new word and removing an old word from each set daily, but we don’t get to each set three times a day– more like twice, or once on some days. So I let him see each set at least three times before changing any words. He enjoys seeing the words. I say to him “Mommy has some words to show you. Would you like to see the words?”. He usually smiles, and when I show the words he focuses on them and smiles. All in all life is good, and Baby D continues to grow and develop.

Very Informative Post About Toys in Montessori

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