Can Parents Be Trusted With Children?

Today my husband and I went to a well-known baby gear store with the intention of buying a sleep sack for the baby. These seem like a good alternative to blankets and constant swaddling– the former posing a suffocation hazard and the latter not allowing for movement of arms and legs. We found a good variety of colors and patterns, from the plain, subtle colors that I prefer to the boldest patterns to suit the most colorful taste. There was only one problem: every single one had “Back Is Best” embroidered on the material. Really? This had nothing to do with the name of the company making the sleep sacks. It was a nonremovable warning label disguised in cutesy, colorful lettering. There was one lone representative from a different maker, and it did not have the warning, but it was in a girlie print and we do not know the sex of our baby. We approached a couple of sales people and asked if there were any more options. Online yes, in store no. But we have a wide variety… Yes, I said, they look nice. I just don’t like the instructions on baby sleep position displayed on the garment. Parents aren’t clueless. One sales person agreed with me, the other looked at me like I was crazy. Oh well.

I can see providing the information. One baby saved from SIDS is worth it. I just felt that stitching the warning into the garment was over the top. Due to litigious people we now have to be informed that coffee is hot, not to use a hairdryer in the bath, and that one can suffocate if one puts a plastic bag over one’s head. If adults can’t take care of themselves, clearly we can not be trusted with helpless infants. Perhaps I am overreacting, but I do not need the baby sleep sack to tell me how to put my child to sleep. I believe that parents can be trusted with children. We all survived somehow– when there were many fewer safety regulations than there are today.

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  1. Don’t forget – you shouldn’t use a curling iron while you are sleeping.


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