The Infant Potty Bowl Is Here

Today the infant potty bowl arrived in the mail. It is not fancy, just a plastic bowl with a wide, smooth rim to accommodate a tiny bum.

I am excited about beginning elimination communication with my child from birth. After reading about how common it is for infants to eliminate while nursing, I felt a little nervous about getting a good nursing position while holding the baby comfortably over the bowl. Some moms lay a pre-fold under the baby while nursing rather than using a container. I might try that as well, but I was glad to find a photo on this bog of a mom nursing while holding a bowl under her son. After clicking the link scroll down the page to see the photo. Of all of the parenting choices we are making, EC is the one I am most nervous about. Will it work? Is it worth it? After reading a couple of books and numerous blogs on the topic, the answer to both questions appears to be ‘yes’. I just haven’t flexed my momma muscles yet and feel a little insecure. Anyone who has used EC, especially with a newborn, do you have any advice? Help a new mom out!

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  1. Hi – when I saw your potty bowl I was so excited, thanks for posting where you got it. I looked and looked for this thing when my son was first born and couldn’t find it anywhere, couldn’t even figure out what to call it! I learned about EC in Vietnam and this is what the moms there use.

    I wish you great luck with your EC. We’ve been at it since my son was 2 months old, and he’s 9 months now. We’ve had a lot of fun with it, and it’s SERIOUSLY worth it once baby starts solid foods and you rarely have to scrape poop off the bum. Cheers!

    • Thanks for the reply, and I’m glad you found the link for the potty bowl useful! I had a look at your blog, it looks like a wealth of experience based info. I’m sure I’ll be looking at it once we get into the swing of things!

  1. First Steps in Elimination Communication « ExperimentalMom

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