Mother Goose Uncensored

I recently checked out a book called The Real Mother Goose from the local library. All of the rhymes remembered from childhood were in the book, as well as some that were unfamiliar. Some of them, though, were downright morbid. I had heard about less than child friendly nursery rhymes, but this is the first time I saw them in print. Move over, Little Jack Horner– here is a taste of what lurks in the dark corners of the mind of Mother Goose. First, how about a little story about an old woman and her sons:

There was an old woman had three sons,

Jerry and James and John.

Jerry was hanged,

James was drowned,

John was lost and never was found.

That was the end of her three sons,

Jerry and James and John.

Sleep tight, kiddies! But wait, have you met Solomon Grundy?

Solomon Grundy,

Born on a Monday,

Christened on Tuesday,

Married on Wednesday,

Ill on Thursday,

Worse of Friday,

Died on Saturday,

Buried on Sunday.

That was the end of Solomon Grundy.

Tough break, Sol. There are other such rhymes, which you may be interested in reading. I don’t think I’ll be reciting them to my baby, though!

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  1. Auntie Ne

     /  May 4, 2011

    I find it pretty funny. I wonder if generations before us were read those stories as children….. might explain a lot!! 😉 Hee hee!


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