Thank You Bank Fraud Departmant

Well, the dreaded credit card fraud has struck my account. I tried to make a small purchase with my bank card today and was declined. When I called the bank to find out why, I was told that a large transaction from a men’s clothing store in the U.K. had come through a couple of days ago leaving me with a grand total of $51.00 in my account. Since it seemed suspicious the bank blocked my card until they could verify the transaction with me. Apparently another large transaction, this time from Sweden, tried to come through the account yesterday. Thankfully it had already been frozen. I spoke to a very helpful woman named Cindy who filled out a fraud report, officially cancelled the compromised card, issued me a new one, and explained the whole process that would take place to get the money back. She said the money would most likely be restored, but it could take a while. Sigh. I am grateful to the vigilant fraud department at the bank for recognizing the suspicious activity and freezing the account immediately. Without that action my life would now be a lot more complicated.

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