It Steams! It Chops! It Defrosts! It Sterilizes!

This delightful tool, a gift from my husband’s sister, will get a lot of use once the baby begins to eat solid food. It is an all-in-one wonder. It steams food, chops and purees it to various consistencies, defrosts frozen foods, sterilizes small items, and takes care of the laundry. Ok, so it doesn’t do the laundry, but it is a pretty remarkable piece of equipment. We will use it first for steaming vegetables. Since we are using baby led weaning, we’ll introduce pieces of food that baby can hold and chew at around six months of age. When the baby can hold a spoon, we’ll use the chop/puree function of the machine. This may seem backwards, as most often babies are first fed purees by their parents and only later given pieces of food. With baby led weaning, though, children are first given foods that they can hold and eat themselves. There are some delicious sounding purees, though, and I think they will be perfect when the baby is learning to use a spoon independently. We have two baby food books: Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel and Baby Love by Norah O’Donnell and her husband Geoff Tracy.

I would like to eat many of the foods in these books! Here is just a sample:

From Top 100 Baby Purees:

Trio of Root Vegetables: Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Parsnip

Banana and Blueberry

Tomato, Cauliflower, and Carrot With Basil

From Baby Love:

Baby Guacamole

Strawberry and Fig

Roasted red Pepper and Pomegranate Hummus

As you can see, these foods are a far cry from what is available in jars from the store. They are less expensive, too, since the baby eats the same foods that the family purchases anyway. I am looking forward to using our wonder machine to make delicious, healthy foods for our baby!

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  1. Sarah

     /  April 29, 2011

    I highly recommend the book “Baby-led weaning” by Gill Rapley. Tabitha was able to feed herself from a preloaded spoon pretty much straight away when we started BLW at 6 months, although we never bothered making purees as she just ate family food. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the recomendation– I will check it out!

  3. Great book, easy read, it reads like an article! My baby is 7 mos now and we have been doing BLW for a month now- it’s going great! The best finger foods have been cucumber, steamed or roasted carrots, zucchini and bell peppers. Pears, avocados and bananas fresh ( do u know the banana trick?) cool cucumbers make great teethers too! That looks like an awesome contraption! I was amazed when I gave my baby a baby spoon she was able to get the oatmeal on it herself and just loves to go to town on a whole cooked sweet potato! With her fingers and a spoon, so if you don’t mind the mess purees and mashed are fun too!! 🙂

    • Is the banana trick to freeze it first and only peel a little bit so it isn’t so mushy? It sounds like BLW is going really well for your child– thank you for the advice! 🙂

      • The banana trick! Break banana in half and gently press your finger Down the center and watch the banana break into 3s! So cool! Perfect for little baby hands to hold one end and gnaw the other!;)

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