These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

This balloon is just ducky! It survives from my baby shower almost three weeks ago.

These baby bottle favors from my shower were made by my husband’s aunt. She molded white chocolate and added the color with toothpicks. I haven’t had the heart to eat them!

This little lamb was the first toy purchased for the baby. I saw it early in my pregnancy and couldn’t pass it up.

This adorable giraffe plays Brahms’ Lullaby and slowly moves its head. It also has the same colors as our nursery.

This piggy bank was brought back from Italy by some friends. He looks unassuming but has expensive taste.

This was worn by my husband as a baby, and will be worn home for the first time by our little one.

This is my diaper bag. It is currently packed with all the things baby will need for coming home after birth. I like the colors and style.

We’ve got everything else… now we just need the baby!

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  1. I love that your little one will wear something his daddy wore!

    I have a single acrylic sweater left over from my younger days. It’s been folded up in a shoe box for years now, but I kinda wonder–if I have a girl down the road, how cute would she look in that?

    I love the thought of carrying the past forward in this way!


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