Tauts or Belly Bandit?

I ordered my abdominal binder today. I went back and forth about which brand to order. A basic Tauts is currently selling for $56.00, and a basic Belly Bandit for $45.95. My thrifty nature wanted to go with the less expensive and very well reviewed product. But after looking at the sizing information for both products, I found that the Tauts covers a range of waist measurements in one size that takes two different sizes in a Belly Bandit. For the Belly Bandit, sizes x-small and small each cover a four inch waist measurement range, medium and large a five inch range, and x-large a six inch range. The ranges do not overlap. For the Tauts, sizes x-small, small, and x-large cover a ten inch range, and sizes medium and large cover an eleven inch range. There is also overlap between the measurement ranges of the sizes, so that the necessity of purchasing more than one size in order to get the most effect of the garment is less likely. The newest model of the Belly Bandit, which currently sells for $79.98, offers a five inch range for x-small and medium, a four inch range for size small, and a six inch range for size x-large.

The FAQ page for Belly Bandit features the questions “I’ve been wearing my Belly Bandit for 2 weeks (3 weeks) etc., and I have shrunk out of it already. It didn’t last that long. I would like to exchange it for another one”, and “I don’t get why you don’t use more Velcro on your item so it lasts longer?” Of course they don’t exchange an item that has been worn for several weeks (who would?), but the answer to the concern of limited use for the price is that the questioner is now ready for the next size down. The answer as to why there is not more velcro on the product so that it can be used longer is that it would show through clothing. Obviously, most women will need to purchase multiple sizes of this product. Both brands suggest ordering two to have one available to wear while the other is being washed and dried. (Neither one can go into the drier.)

I think the extra $10.00 in the initial cost to purchase the Tauts is more than worth it if it can be used for a longer period of time and purchasing multiple sizes can be avoided. So now I am waiting for the Tauts to arrive. Hopefully it will be here before I deliver. I’ll review the product and its results as I use it.

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  1. sammy

     /  April 26, 2011

    I would recommend the new Belly Bandit, the BFF. It’s got a 2 modes of compression so you can tighten the top and the bottom according to how jiggly you feel in each part. And its has extra velcro. I am a Belly Bandit fan myself but that’s because i used it on my first pregnancy and got back to my body super fast. Been wearing the BFF now for 2 weeks since Sasha was born and I love it.


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